MedicPRO medical center treats hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a problem that, according to statistics, occurs in 30% - 40% of the population. Many people prefer not to talk about it, and they turn to doctors too late. If you experience pain in the anus, immediately sign up at at the MedicPRO clinic. This is a licensed medical center in Kaluga.

Advantages of proctology at MedicPRO

The quality of the clinic's work is best demonstrated by patient reviews. "MedicPRO" is well known in the city and has positive reviews. One of the main areas of activity is the treatment of diseases associated with proctology. This includes talking about hemorrhoids. Among the advantages of treatment it is worth highlighting:

  • Highly qualified doctors. These are experienced specialists with significant experience, practice and good results of treatment at different stages of hemorrhoid development.
  • Modern diagnostics. For this purpose, the latest equipment is used, as well as minimally invasive methods that allow you to undergo the examination painlessly.
  • Own laboratory. With its help, you can quickly get the results of basic tests without waiting a week, as is usually the case in municipal clinics.
  • Treatment guarantee. MedicPRO doctors complete all procedures until the patient receives the desired relief. Constant monitoring is carried out by specialists.

The clinic has an official license from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. And every specialist on staff is an accredited doctor with diplomas. You can make an appointment at the clinic by calling +7 (4842) 27-72-50, or directly at the reception at 7 Stepan Razin St. In Kaluga, the clinic is considered one of the best in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

How often should I go to proctology?

Hemorrhoids are a rather insidious disease. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor for preventive purposes at least once a year. Such an examination will help to promptly determine the presence of the disease and stop the problem in the early stages. However, there are cases when you should contact a proctologist immediately:

  • sharp or minor pain in the anus;
  • causeless hemorrhages and other discharge;
  • formation of swellings and bumps at the anus;
  • problems during bowel movements.

All of these symptoms may indicate hemorrhoids or other problems. During the consultation, the doctor will conduct an examination. In most cases, the diagnosis is established without additional tests. Treatment of hemorrhoids at the MedicPRO clinic is carried out using both conservative and surgical methods.

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